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He looks up at a night sky that is absolutely clear of anything but void, and stars, and the occasional meteor, and mysterious lights moving at impossible speeds, and the faint glimmer of spy satellites looking back down from the nothing to the something.

“I’m sorry,” he says, although not to anyone that still exists and can hear him. He just says it, leaves some undirected words in the hot night air, and then returns to the car.

He may be crying. I know if he is or not, but I am choosing not to tell you, because this is private information and you have no real need to know it.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 45 - A Story About Them

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a:tla 30 day challenge  day 11: favorite weapon

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Build-a-Bear ended its partnership with Autism Speaks!!!

I don’t know build-a-bear, but this is good

I hope all partners will end up doing this.

can we confirm this?

It is confirmed! 

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high school musical meme: [1/9] scenes

I am?


reminder to unfollow me if u think its possible to be racist against white people, sexist against men, “reverse-ableist”, cisphobic, or heterophobic

unfollow me if u think dysphoria is needed to be trans, transness is a medical condition/mental disorder, nb people/gender variant people are “transtrenders”, and new gender labels and neopronouns hurt the trans community

also unfollow me if you think autism needs a cure or support autism speaks


Very true


being genderless literally can be dated back to mesopotamia and there are still people who act like its an internet fad thats just incredible to me


a mix for draco malfoy and harry potter: boys that found love in unlikely places

my sweet prince - placebo / undisclosed desires - muse / soul meets body - death cab for cutie / the definition of not-leaving - hands like houses / somebody to die for - hurts / juicebox - the strokes / our perfect disease - the wombats / there, there - the wonder years

cover art credits: leafpuppy

And if you’re ever feeling lonely just look at the moon.
Someone, somewhere, is looking right at it too.
—Night Vale (via 5hts)


ridiculous au post:

  • mob boss and their sweet little flame au
  • moved in together for tax benefits and good friendship au
  • seventh grade au
  • their moms met at bingo night and are trying to set them up au
  • my car broke down on the side of the road and you stopped to help au
  • started talking about menu items at a fast food drive-thru au
  • called a phone sex line as a dare au
  • cowboys au
  • getting their first tattoo and they’re nervous but the artist is really nice au
  • police partners au
  • got drunk and woke up in the wrong house with their pants unbuttoned au
  • trans au
  • came over to yell at you because your dog won’t stop barking and it’s four in the morning but you’re really neat au
  • 1930s hitmen duo au
  • we’re both in the high school’s qsa but are you the queer part or the straight part au
  • rival greaser gang leaders au
  • singer and instrument player at a 1920s speakeasy au
  • returning mail sent to the wrong address au
  • enemy soldiers during the christmas truce of wwi au